Come Bloom with us!

Hello, Lovely! It's been a while since we last had a chat. So sorry for the silence, but the wait was worth it, we promise! Are you ready for some big news? Alright, here it is!

See that fun logo at the top of the page? The Curves in Bloom logo? We would like to invite you to click on it and see what we have been keeping top secret for months! Our new event, Curves in Bloom is an inclusive, one day celebration of all bodies through music, art, dance, self care workshops, panel discussions, and fashion. To be held February 24th, 2018 at the gorgeous Axis Pioneer Square! We cannot express enough our delight and excitement over this event. We have felt for some time that the plus size community in Seattle is large and varied, but there has not been one big event where every body can come together and celebrate, so, we decided to make one!

What spurred the creation of this event? We are so glad you asked! Check out this video from our founder, Hannah. She received the push she needed to create Curves in Bloom after watching the PopSugar video on Bevin Branlandingham, aka, The Queer Fat Femme and her Fat Kid Dance Party (For All Sizes to Heal From Body Oppression). Just watch the video below, and you will understand why Hannah had to bring Bevin to Seattle!

Amazing, right?! Belle Ampleur is one of the presenting sponsors for Curves in Bloom, but we are also partnering with The Ruby Room and F-Factor to bring you the event of the year. A portion of the ticket sales from Curves in Bloom will be donated to these amazing non-profits to further their mission. Here is a little bit more about each of these organizations: The Ruby Room is a nonprofit organization providing formal attire to teens in financial need across the State of Washington, enabling them to participate in high school milestone events. Teens come from across the state to receive a dress they can keep, at no charge! The F-factor designs signature programs called Fashion Workshops to impact the lives of foster children and abandoned youth. Each workshop is a unique experience allowing children to use fashion as their tool for self-expression, define their individuality and build self-confidence. Fashion Workshops offer brand new clothes, shoes & accessories that suit each child's needs. There is so much more to know about Curves in Bloom, so please visit the website! We are so excited to invite you all! Don't forget to find Curves in Bloom on Facebook and Instagram! In addition to this HUGE news, Belle Ampleur is participating in two big design competitions! The first is the Goodwill Design Challenge for their 10th annual Glitter Gala! This swanky event will be November 4th, 2017. Come support Hannah, Belle Ampleur, and the Goodwill Industries!

The second competition is the The IONFashion Event: Action with Compassion through Fashion. This event includes a fashion show and design competition featuring Belle Ampleur and other local designers, with money raised benefiting the two organizations (Ruby Room and F-Factor) which cater to foster children, homeless youth and disadvantaged teens across Washington. Our Events page has more information and links to tickets for both events, and we hope to see you there! Belle Ampleur continues to grow, and we are working our way forward toward a new collection launch, which will be revealed live on the runway at Curves in Bloom in February! We currently have calls open for vendors, speakers, and volunteers. We will be putting out a model call in December, so if you would like to stomp the runway for Belle Ampleur, keep your eyes peeled! In addition, we are working toward finding a manufacturing partner here in the states so we can produce and sell garments on a larger scale to you, our dearest fans!! It's a long, expensive, arduous path, but it must be traveled, step by step! Thank you for coming on the journey with us!

Thank you to everyone for your support as Belle Ampleur grows, and we hope to see all of your faces at Curves in Bloom in February. Come Bloom with us!

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