Delia's dreams- how a teen catalog inspired me to make jewelry that fits

This month our highlighted artist is Megan Carlisle of Nature's Twist. We think you will love what she does!

Hi there! My name is Megan Carlisle and I am one of the artists behind Nature’s Twist. We are a size inclusive jewelry brand located within the Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA and I met Hannah of Belle Ampleur in December 2017. It was kismet, I swear.

There I was, just about to close up for the night and who should walk up the stairs but Hannah. I had just started following her on IG for Curves in Bloom and here she was, at my table! It was so fun chatting with someone who also feels so passionately about plus size fashion! She invited us to join the awesome lineup of vendors for the event. We were elated to be there and to connect with so many awesome folks in the community.

I’ve always been fat but I don’t really ever remember it being a “thing” until I got to high school. I didn’t really get bullied much for being fat but I do remember how difficult it was to find clothes and accessories that made me feel cute and cool. Going shopping with my straight sized friends always made me feel left out.

I would torture myself by combing over every new Delia’s catalog that I knew I could never purchase from. Shopping for homecoming and prom dresses were a nightmare and I remember so many times just crying in the dressing room wishing desperately for something that didn’t make me feel like the mother of the bride.

Jewelry was hardly an option for me -what with an extra round neck and big square hands- but I tried to make things work the best I could with extenders and men’s rings. I dreamt of sparkling jewels in rings, beaded chokers that fit just perfectly and slap bracelets to fit my chunky wrists. When Torrid opened I felt so happy, I made my friend drive 2 hours to go check it out. I couldn’t give them my money fast enough- it was amazing to have something fit and it made me feel so good!

My husband and I started making wire wrapped jewelry and sculpture and opened our business in 2010 after working at the Pike Place Market for a few years. When we started making necklaces, we wanted to be able to offer chain lengths for all bodies so we designed our hardware to be easily customizable.

Style *and* comfort are really important to us! Our new process allows us to create rings in every size as well. Witnessing the joy that occurs when someone finds something they love that actually fits them is absolute magic. They light up, sometimes they do a little dance and they smile SO BIG. It’s amazing; I feel honored to be able to make that happen.

Most of our pieces are one of a kind and we carry a nice selection on our table a few days a week at Pike Place Market. We’re a micro business with just one regular assistant and we hand make every piece with love and good intention. We also make custom sized jewelry through email or Instagram and we love offering that at no additional charge. We want to make people feel good, about what they’re buying and what they’re wearing. We’re really excited to see what the future has in store for us as we continue exploring new ideas in size inclusive jewelry.

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