Life is wild.

If you are anything like me, you like to plan and plan and plan....AND plan and plan! You get everything all laid out how you like, you have thought of all the possible angles and all of the potential pitfalls. You happily move forward, knowing you have prepared well and will succeed. BUT. Then. Life happens, and all of your plans are waylaid. You crumple into a pit of despair and know that everyone is disappointed in you and will hate you for all eternity!

Just me? Ok...Uh, yeah. I NEVER do this. (I absolutely do).

Well, right now, I am in the pit of despair with Belle Ampleur. The last few months have been absolutely overwhelming, with high-highs and low-lows. I am going to recap for you briefly (with this super ridiculous animation I made) all that has been going on. Ready? OK!

All silliness aside, after my visit to potential factories in July, it has become increasingly apparent that I cannot afford to have my garments produced in a factory just yet. Which means...a complete overhaul of my plans for the future. Belle Ampleur is still happening, just...a bit slower and a bit differently than I had hoped.

The original plan was to have a brand new, shiny website where all you had to do was add things to your cart and then --like magic-- they would appear on your doorstep a week later. This plan required hiring a lot of people to help me do things like: cutting, sewing, packaging, shipping, etc. After the crowdfunding campaign didn't raise enough cash, I had hoped to secure a loan, but loans require some things that I am still working on achieving, such as collateral. My less than stellar 2012 Hyundai Accent doesn't really count....

What is the new plan? Well. I am not sure yet. I need to have a BIG THINK on all the options. I do know that I will be attending the Big Mood- A Night of Fat Fashion at MOHAI this month, where I will be selling off some of my older samples and small accessories and participating in a runway show. I will also be attending Knockout PDX next month, where I will debut new looks for you all that I will be working toward producing for purchase. You can check out the details on these events and get tickets on our Events page. These events will sell out, so get those tickets now!

As I work toward a new plan for the future, I look back at the last four years and reflect with gratitude on all the incredible things we have accomplished together. I am humbled by your continued support, and truly could not imagine how these last few years would have been without this little business.

To future plans: may they stay uncomplicated and achievable, and if they do not, may I be flexible enough to bend --not break-- as they change.

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