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Ahh, Los Angeles! You are so darn gorgeous! LOOK AT YOU:

Palm trees partially obscure a massive home on a hill in Malibu, California
Malibu Home

Our designer, Hannah, just spent a glorious six days in 90 degree weather while attending the LA Textile show. She attended workshops, shopped, and did a fair amount of tourist-ing in the city of sunshine.

The LA Textile show is a three day expo held twice a year in the spring and fall. It caters to small, independent designers and puts them in a room with hundreds of suppliers.

For those of you who are not in the know: sourcing fabrics, trims, dye houses, and so much more is an incredibly time consuming endeavor. Events like this cut down on costs and time spent looking for just the right things to make that next collection a smashing success! The LA Textile show not only provides a face to face event for brands to meet suppliers, but also workshops, seminars, and mixers to meet other professionals. Check out this time lapse video of just a small portion of the show:

Hannah attended workshops on how to embroider and how to create block prints, and now she has all kinds of ideas for new textile applications. These workshops were hosted by Makers Mess, a team of artists that curate and deliver the perfect creative experience for you, your friends or clients! Super fun!

This year there was a clear emphasis on sustainability, and supporting indigenous populations who create unique, hand-made textiles. One supplier sources fabrics from a village in India with hand stitching running through the vegetable dyed fabrics. Another sells fabrics dyed from plants! Gorgeous.

In addition, Hannah visited her favorite shop in the fashion district: Fabrics and Fabrics. This shop sells dead stock for rock bottom prices, and is one of the few shops that sells silk and wool. It is owned by a father and son team, who have taught Hannah how to haggle!

DEADSTOCK: Textile mills and garment factories typically have vast amounts of left over fabric, known as deadstock fabric. These are rolls of fabric that are: leftover after a garment production run, fabric that was dyed the wrong color, or surplus fabric that is unsold by the textile mills and left in storage.

This trip inspired Hannah, and her creative juices are flowing just in time for the next big event that Belle Ampleur is participating in: Knockout in Portland, OR in just two weeks!! New items will be walking the runway at this event, and we will have a booth for you to shop, place pre-orders, and talk with Hannah about her designs. We can't wait to see you there!

Tickets always sell out, so make sure you get them today. You can find more information on our EVENTS page, or on our Facebook page. We will be posting behind the scenes content on our Instagram account leading up to and during the event, so make sure you follow us there.

Until next time, California! XOXO

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